Co-Op Agent Program Terms and Guidelines

By registering your clients with The Reserve Co-Op Agent Program, you and your clients can benefit from our extensive experience and successful history developing, marketing, and selling properties in Mammoth and across the U.S.

Once you register your client(s) and you as their agent, you will be listed in The Reserve/Mammoth Springs Resort Company database and CRM as the assigned agent and introduced to our team who will act as your main contact person. You can rely on us as the primary contact with your client or you can act as the go between – it’s up to you.

As a registered Co-Op Agent, you will be subject to the following guidelines and terms:

  1. Complete contact information for each client must be provided using The Reserve Co-Op Agent and Client Registration forms. To access the forms, click here.
  2. Forms may be completed online or completed in person with one of our dedicated sales team members with you and/or your client during your first property visit.
  3. Upon receiving your registration, we will confirm that there are no conflicts with previously registered clients and another broker/agent. If we discover there is a conflict, we will notify you within one business day. Typically, there are no conflicts.
  4. You and each registered client will be assigned to a dedicated member of The Reserve sales team who will contact you to discuss helpful background information about your client, and how best for us to work with you as their assigned co-op agent.
  5. Once your client is registered with you as their referring cop-op agent and the registration is confirmed by us, The Reserve/Mammoth Springs Resort Company, you will earn a commission of 2.5% at close of escrow subject to following terms:
    1. Completion and confirmation from our team of The Reserve Co-Op Agent and Client Registration with that client and you as their agent.
    2. Buyer and seller have executed a Purchase Agreement on the project that successfully closes escrow.
    3. Confirmation from the buyer regarding their choice of agent to represent them in the purchase of the property.
    4. Not more than 6 months has passed since the original registration date of the client.

Co-Op Program Marketing Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in working with us on The Reserve Residences. We believe that working with real estate professionals like you is key to the success of this project and our aim is to make marketing it as easy as possible to market this project to your clients.

This will be done through high quality marketing materials we provide that include project documents and collateral material, renderings, floor plans, project logo, and project language that you can use in emails and conversations with your clients.

In promoting this project and keeping the message and image “on brand” and the project and properties accurately represented, we require that you follow these marketing guidelines:

  1. Information that you as an agent make available to your clients and the public which may include web pages and/or blog posts, social media postings, videos, or printed materials must be accurate and consistent with the marketing materials and information provided by us.
  2. We recommend involving us during the creation of your marketing materials so we can offer feedback before you release them to the public. If we find that there are problems with the materials you produce, we will request edit be made within 24 hours.
  3. The development of a dedicated website featuring The Reserve is not permitted, but you may use the marketing materials approved by The Reserve/ Mammoth Springs Resort Company within your existing website.
    Before the release of any materials developed by you and/or your team for use by you and/or your agents, which may include the use of the project logo, renderings, floor plans, etc., The Reserve team/ Mammoth Springs Resort Company must approve the use of those materials before they are made public.

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